Resurfacing Facts and Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

What is Resurfacing/Reglazing?   
Simply put, specialty coatings designed for porcelain, fiberglass and other surfaces are applied to your fixtures and tiles to give you a new looking and long lasting surface.

How long will it last? 
With proper care your new finish should last 10 to 15 years or longer.

How long does it take? 
A standard tub in good condition will take about 4 hours, an entire bathroom normally can be done in one day.

When can I use it?
At 70 degrees, you can expect to use it the next morning as a shower.

Does it have to be the same color? 
No, the same or any color of the rainbow can be used.  You can even match your color to a manufacturer's color if desired.

Do I have to leave my house when it's being done? 
No, a modern ventilation system removes fumes and dust during the process allowing you to remain in the house.

Is it slippery? 
Yes, the bottom is slippery again.  A specialty bathmat is supplied with every tub or non- slip surface can be applied at no extra cost.

Do I have to clean it with something special?
Nothing special is needed; however, only liquid cleaners and a sponge should be used.  Printed instructions will be supplied.

Are you insured?  
Absolutely, I'll provide you with a copy of Certificate of Insurance upon request.

Should I do anything before you arrive? 
Yes, please make sure no dripping is occurring, the drain flows and items easily removed are taken out or put away.
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